Parcel IQ® Overview

At First American Data Tree, we are making every effort to bring certainty back to the marketplace. 

Parcel IQ is designed for lenders and investors seeking one central source to instantly order and receive the most critical data elements used in the loan decision-making process.

Parcel IQ includes an enhanced layer of quality-assurance review, differentiating it from other products.  Parcel IQ gives lenders and investors the ability to validate property ownership and lien status with certainty.  Our origination solutions are the source of confidence for making decisions when evaluating lending risk. 

As the leading national provider of recorded property documents, First American Data Tree provides clients with access to our growing database of over 5 billion document images through Parcel IQ.  These land records are the absolute source of property data provided to our clients who utilize our post-closing solutions, providing an additional layer of certainty to the trusted information we provide.

Parcel IQ offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative to retrieving essential property data and supporting documentation by introducing a unique system of cascading order fulfillment.  This system allows our clients to order property information and documentation with confidence: instantly, online and nationwide.  If a request is outside of our coverage area, our clients have the option of instantly rerouting it to our network of qualified abstractors. 

Our products include:

  • • Property Information Reports
    • Legal & Vesting Reports
    • Automated Valuation Models
    • Flood Zone Determinations
    • Recording Services

  • • Document Retrieval, Tracking and Surveillance
    • Lien Release
    • Assignment Services
    • Title Policy Retrieval
    • Custom Data Solutions

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